July 29, 2013

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    And here's the full roster.

    Now available

    You can now purchase the Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2013, with 300 pages of great content. It's also available on Amazon and Kindle. Read more about it here.

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    AL East division update: July edition

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    Posted Monday by Nick Fleder

    A four-horse race.
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    The ups and downs of Alfonso Soriano

    Posted Monday by Chris Jaffe
    A look at the unusual career of the man just traded back to the Yankees
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    Tommy Hanson’s velocity is back up

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  • Posted Friday by Kyle Boddy

    Tommy Hanson's velocity has been on a serious decline. So what gives with the suddenly restored velocity?
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    Card Corner: 1973 Topps: Johnny Bench

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    Posted Friday by Bruce Markusen

    There was no need for this legend to grab some bench.
    9 comment(s)

    Stealing bases when it counts

    Posted Friday by James Gentile
    Looking at the most selfish and most self-less speedsters of the last few decades.
    7 comment(s)

    The Baseball Reliquary and the Eternals 2013

    Posted Friday by Don Malcolm
    The end of the beginning
    2 comment(s)

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